August 4-6, 2016
Mendocino Campus of College of the Redwoods
1211 Del Mar Drive in Fort Bragg

The Mendocino Coast Writers Conference is a three-day conference, held at the Mendocino Coast campus of the College of the Redwoods. The conference fee includes breakfasts, lunches and two evening dinners. Read more and register here.


Taking Your Book to the Next Level: Publishing Frontiers

Today’s publishing world is a brave new frontier. The barriers to traditional publishing are so high that many aspiring authors have begun to lose hope about getting a traditional deal. Self-publishing has lots of success stories, but it’s truly the Wild West. Then there are a whole slew of new in-between models: hybrid, partnership, author-assisted. What’s a new author to do? How can you make buy ultram 50 mg online sense of what’s out there and do what’s best for you (while avoiding pitfalls and getting taken advantage of)? These are important business questions for authors seeking publishing answers. Brooke Warner, publisher, coach, and industry expert, will give you the true lay of the new land—explaining each model and how and why it works, how to maximize your chances of getting a traditional deal (if that’s what you’re after), and how to make sense of your options if you try another way. If you feel daunted by what happens after you finish your book, this interactive seminar is for you. Knowledge is power.

More information about the 2016 faculty will be available soon.

Hope to see you in August!