5 Social Media Musts for Authors

1. Create a Facebook fan page and ask for likes.
It’s never too early to create a fan page on Facebook, and you don’t have to be well-known. Everyone starts somewhere, so if you’ve been dragging your heels, do it today. Start building by asking everyone you know to like your page. Yes, it’s going to push you out of your comfort zone. When people aren’t responsive, you’re going to feel like the least popular kid in school begging for friends. But keep at it. Asking for likes is the best way to grow your fan page. The more you do it, the easier it’ll get. If you don’t already, will you like my fan page?

2. Be generous on Twitter.
Retweet things you like. Give credit where credit is due. Learn to use people’s handles properly so that they actually get tagged in your shout-outs. I recently saw that someone Tweeted something about me, but they used @brooke_warners, a handle that doesn’t exist because my handle is @brooke_warner. When someone retweets something you posted, send them a thank-you message. Participate in #FF (Follow Friday), in which you simply open your post with #FF and then list the handles of everyone you like or are grateful for.

3. Make your website attractive AND functional.
It’s easy to create a visually aesthetic website. GoDaddy will install WordPress FOR YOU. Don’t skimp. It’s too important. A good website shows good taste, and tacky websites have been known to blow potential book deals. And what do I mean by functional? I mean install a web form, like you see on my site. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture the names and information of people who are visiting your site.

4. Blog consistently.
The best way to not bring people back to your website is to blog erratically. People need to be given parameters about how often you blog, and if you start to gain a following, they will start to check back. If you’ve been blogging weekly for two months and suddenly stop for a few weeks, you’re leaving your readers hanging. I blog once a month and have for years. Whenever I post, I put it out on Facebook and to my newsletter recipients. My readers don’t have to check my site if they’re signed up for my newsletter, and I like it that way. Find something that works for you and stick with it.

5. Create and nurture alliances.
Find like-minded people to partner with and to share happenings. I have a handful of partnerships and I post regularly about goings-on on Facebook and Twitter. This week, for instance, I’m announcing everywhere I can the great deal going on at the National Association of Memoir Writers. Their Cyber Monday deal is $99 for a year-long membership. A steal!! Linda Joy Myer’s service to the memoir-writing community is something I wholly stand behind, and she’s someone I’ve chosen to partner with in business and by extension in social media.


I’d love to hear about how you’re implementing, creating, and improving your own social media. Please share and I’ll share your words of wisdom on my social media. Please include your fan page URL and/or Twitter handle in your comments.



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