Confessions of a Book Editor

When I got into book publishing I was an inexperienced 23-year-old whose previous work experience was waitressing and a couple of cherry college internships that

How Not to Get Sued for Your Memoir

Because I host regular free webinars about memoir writing, I’m in contact most months with hundreds of memoir writers. And even though the topics I

The Best Writing Advice Changes Everything

This summer I was invited to the Mendocino Writers Conference, where at the opening reception in downtown Mendocino (where one can’t help but evoke Jessica

The Plight of Naïve and Renegade Authors

Last week a longtime coaching client of mine pulled the plug on her copyedit-in-progress. She wanted a full stop, she said, because she found another

Are You Writing a Hybrid Book?

Hybrid concepts are all the rage in book publishing. As the publisher of what I call a hybrid press, I see it everywhere. There are