Book Publishing

I love working with publishers and would-be publishers because I’ve been where you are. When I first started She Writes Press in 2010, I thought I knew a lot about the publishing industry. Boy, was I wrong. I had spent 13 years learning my corner of the industry, so I was shocked to discover the steep learning curve of distribution, production, inventory management, contract negotiations, and so much more.

If you’re starting or growing a publishing imprint, the road ahead of you very likely looks like a steep, winding mountain road, and then there are all the obstacles you can’t see. I’m sure you already know that becoming a publisher—whether it’s of your own books, others’ books, or growing your press to the next level—is is two things: daunting, true, and also incredibly rewarding.

I support publishers to:

  • Understand the general landscape of publishing
  • Decide what kind of distribution agreement they should land, and when
  • Sort out their contracts with authors and third-party vendors
  • Ensure that their production and design standards are aligned with industry standards
  • Implement editorial and production schedules that save time and headaches
  • Grow their publishing businesses by gaining greater visibility
  • Figure out how fast to grow and what systems need to be in place to accommodate that growth
  • And much much more . . .

I started my publishing career in 2000 and worked in traditional publishing for 13 years. I have personal relationships with all the major distributors and wholesalers. I can support you to understand the ins and outs of the supply chain, inventory, returns, bookstore relationships, sales considerations, and more. Since 2012, the two imprints I run (She Writes Press and SparkPress) have been distributed by Ingram Publisher Services. I know Ingram’s platforms, including Lightning Source and IngramSpark, inside and out. I can support you to understand what role Amazon and KDP should play in your business.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let me walk with you.

If you’re growing and you want a sounding board, I’ve got you.

My passion for working with other publishers stems from a strong desire to prevent others from making the mistakes I made, and because I love indie publishing. A rising tide lifts all boats. If you’re an indie publisher, we’re already in this together.


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