Write On, Sisters!

Write. Publish. Amplify.
For any of us, this starts with voice and the courage to say what’s true. For women, it also involves overcoming historical and social conditioning and getting out of our own way.

Write on, Sisters! is a clarion call to women to write, to speak and be heard, to claim their place at the table, and to recognize the myriad influences—historical, cultural, economic, emotional—at play in how women’s writing is seen and how women express themselves. Inside these pages, Brooke Warner draws upon research, anecdotes, and her personal experiences from twenty years in the book publishing industry to show how women’s writing is still discounted and less valued than men’s writing, then provides support to overcome these challenges. Write On, Sisters! is for women writers ready for the next revolution.

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“Warner examines the institutional and cultural forces stacking the deck against women writers, leaving this disheartening view of gender politics in publishing with guidance on how writers can silence their critics—both inner and outer—and stand together to achieve their goals. Bracing and frank, this guide offers support for women who want a better path to publication.”


“Brooke Warner marries feminism with truly estimable publishing chops. Write On, Sisters! is practical, political, and, most of all, an invitation for women to pick up the pen.”

—Jennifer Baumgardner, author of Manifesta and publisher of Dottir Press

“Write On, Sisters! is restorative and transformative, and provides what is needed to help women writers value their time, prioritize their voice, and flaunt their literary worth with joy. As a literary agent, I predict that projects that come from those who’ve soaked into their subconscious the instructions in this book will be bound for literary success.”

—Regina Brooks, founder and president of Serendipity Literary Agency and author of You Should Really Write a Book

“Plainspoken, supportive, and positive, Write On, Sisters! is a professional guide for women who write and for those who want to champion their voices.”

—Foreword Reviews

“Warner gives women writers a sanity baseline: If you know what you’re facing, you can work to overcome it in your own way. Feminist, proactive, and real, Write On, Sisters! is the ultimate companion for a writer to turn to in moments of self-doubt, angst, or anger.”

—Courtney E. Martin, author of The New Better Off