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Social Networking: Keeping It Simple

Last month I facilitated a weekend-long writing/publishing workshop in Bellingham, Washington. In workshops I like to gauge the temperature of the crowd to see what

Platform Versus Passion

This past month I went to back-to-back conferences. One was an entrepreneurial program and the other was Book Expo. At both conferences, I ended up

Know Your Hook Before You Pitch

Thank you for submitting your proposal to Seal Press. Unfortunately, your project doesn’t have enough of a hook or angle for me to be able

LISTEN: Who Needs Editing? No, Really…

Last Friday I did a teleseminar with Linda Joy Myers, President of the National Association of Memoir Writers. If you’re writing memoir, you need to

Busting “Don’t Get Your Hopes Up”

I had a fun and inspiring coaching call last week where one of my clients envisioned her proposal being well-received by publishers. We dreamed into

iPad, E-books, and Price Wars

This has been an interesting couple weeks in publishing! The iPad is all the rage and it’s not even out yet. MacMillan became a publishing

Following Through on Resolutions

Yesterday in my yoga class, the teacher, Jason, noted that he could feel the expectation in the room. And there a lot of extra grunting