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Getting Comfortable with Self-Promotion

Because there was so much to cover in the self-publishing breakdown for my September newsletter, I wanted to take this month to follow up with

Memoir Glut and How to Stand Out

People often ask me about the types of submissions I see in my role as Senior Editor at Seal Press. Of the agented manuscripts, a

Breaking Down Self-Publishing

Since my June newsletter I’ve gotten a handful of requests from writers looking for a quick rundown on self-publishing costs. Whether self-publishing is worth it

What Exactly Am I Writing?

I attended the PNWA writers conference earlier this month, where I sat on the editors’ panel and answered questions (along with six other editors) from

Too Many Cooks!

It’s July, so I’m keeping it short as I prep for my upcoming week off. Being that July is a season of BBQs and outdoor

New Media and the Future of Book Publishing

I’ve been going to BookExpo America for close to a decade. It’s a huge convention filled—for one weekend every year—with people whose life pursuit is

Going Back to School

Getting published doesn’t have to be hard or scary. The easiest way to understand it is to think of it like schools—and like getting into

Three Ways to Invite Balance

Balance is elusive in our culture—particularly for those who aspire to create. I work with lots of writers who write every day, focused intently on