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Writing When No One Is Listening

Earlier this month I had the privilege of spending some time with Mark Nepo, the man Oprah Winfrey has called one of the greatest spiritual

Do You Listen to Your Whispers?

This past weekend I attended a conference in San Diego. It was a much-needed opportunity to get of my environment, and off of autopilot. I

What Constitutes a Lie?

Every time I go to a book reading for memoir, the question of what’s “true” invariably surfaces in one form or another. It’s generally posed

Why Practice Hurts So Good

On Christmas Eve I walked into my yoga studio with the sort of set determination I had around my writing practice back when I was

How to Manage Writing Overwhelm

The desire to write is a strong pull. Anyone who’s written a book or is currently writing a book knows intimately the power writing can

The Sticky Stuckness

There’s an exercise I do with clients that I got from Tsultrim Allione, author of Feeding Your Demons. The exercise is more or less a