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The Power of Free on Amazon

I’m doing a three-day giveaway of my book, What’s Your Book?, on Kindle starting tomorrow, Friday, January 11, through Sunday, January 13. I want each

Memoir Categories

I pulled this list of memoir categories together for the memoir class I’m teaching with Linda Joy Myers. I’ve been sharing it with a few

How to Manage Writing Overwhelm

The desire to write is a strong pull. Anyone who’s written a book or is currently writing a book knows intimately the power writing can

Who Gets to Be a Bestseller and Why

I can’t remember ever having done a post that stemmed from being fed up, but that’s exactly what’s prompting this month’s newsletter. In the past

Farewell, Seal Press

It’s not possible to write a post that expresses the mixed emotions I feel as I prepare to leave Seal Press at the end of