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Confessions of a Book Editor

When I got into book publishing I was an inexperienced 23-year-old whose previous work experience was waitressing and a couple of cherry college internships that

Why Should You Hire a Book Coach?

I am thrilled to be a part of this article about book coaching from Mediabistro, written by Jenny Rough. Here’s a little excerpt:   What

The “That” Cure

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I almost never write grammar posts because I’m not much of a grammarian. I know good writing from having read

What Constitutes a Lie?

Every time I go to a book reading for memoir, the question of what’s “true” invariably surfaces in one form or another. It’s generally posed

Your Outline, Your Friend

I’m in beautiful San Miguel de Allende this week at the San Miguel Writers’ Conference. We kicked off last night with a keynote by Cheryl

Show Don’t Tell Is a Lie

Lately I’ve been working with a lot of writers who are stuck on “showing,” to the detriment of their work. It’s been an interesting turn


Earlier this month I had the privilege of seeing the Dave Matthews Band at Shoreline in Mountain View, California. The concert was as amazing as