Say Yes. Green-light Your Book—and Yourself.

As a publisher, writing coach, and teacher, my work is grounded in supporting writers and authors to live like writers and authors. This involves cultivating an author mindset, and moving toward your aspirations for your first book—or next book—with confidence and savvy, and also, importantly, with support. I offer writing coaching and publishing solutions—soup-to-nuts—to support you not only to finish and publish your book, but to sort out what publishing path is best for you, and how to amplify your message along the way and once your book is out in the world.

I’ve been working in book publishing for over two decades, first as an acquiring editor, then executive editor, and for the past ten years as the publisher of She Writes Press. My life’s work is to support writers to embrace and own their capacity and confidence to write and publish their stories. My work takes form in my one-on-one coaching with authors, my role as a publisher of women’s stories, and through the memoir classes I lead and co-teach. To discover more about my publishing journey, and my passion for indie authors in particular, I invite you to watch my TEDx talk, Green-Light Revolution: Your Creative Life on Your Terms: