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22 Years of Book Publishing

I spent 12+ years in traditional publishing houses and the last decade trailblazing the way for hybrid publishing. I write regularly for Publishers Weekly. Prior to that, I was a blogger for The Huffington Post books section.

I speak on panels, present keynotes, and teach nationally on subjects including the state of the industry, hybrid publishing, memoir, women in the publishing industry, and more. I’ve interviewed more authors than I can count in person and on my weekly podcast, Write-minded: Weekly Inspiration for Writers.

Weekly Podcast

My weekly podcast, co-hosted with Grant Faulkner, Executive Director of National Novel Writing Month, offers weekly inspiration to writers and is brought to listeners each week on LitHub Radio. Each week we interview an author or a publishing expert about topics that support and inspire writers. We end each podcast with an industry trend. Subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts.


I speak and teach regularly—in person and online:

  • Conferences
  • Small writers’ groups and clubs
  • Festivals and book events
  • Online events of all sorts



Authored by Brooke

Brooke Warner was a literary activist for diversity and equality before it was a movement. As an author-advocate she continues to champion alternatives to publishing's business-as-usual offerings in a straightforward and passionate manner. She was a keynote speaker at the 2020 San Francisco Writers Conference and she blew everyone away!

Press Highlights

What It Would Take to Disrupt the Publishing Industry

Anyone who follows publishing knows that it loves to celebrate a disruptor. Disruptor is a label thrown at anything new, and publishing is unusually easy to disrupt because it is particularly slow to change.

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