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One-on-One Coaching & Mentorship for Publishers

My Expertise and Track Record

Your Path Forward

I launched She Writes Press in 2012 and immediately entered into a crash course in independent publishing and all its ins and outs. In my decade-plus of experience as a founder and publisher, I’ve refined our process—from submissions to publication, and have become an expert in distribution and publishing systems.

I’m passionate about the value of the Industry Standards Checklist and the Hybrid Publisher Criteria that I helped to create during my six years on the board of the Independent Book Publishers Association. If you’re a publisher looking for support or trying to figure out the next best steps, I can help.

Self-publishing Assistance

I run my own publishing house, yes, and I strongly believe (and know) that there’s no one best path forward for every author. As such, I consider myself to be publishing agnostic, and I’ve long supported authors to self-publish.

My team can support all your publishing needs—from cover design, to interior design, to editorial support, to project management services. Contact me and tell me about your project so I can support you with a bid for services.


Start or Grow Your Own Publishing Business

Since starting She Writes Press in 2012, lots of publishers reach out to me looking for a very specific kind of coaching—which is the kind of support authors-turned-publishers are looking for when they decide they’re ready to take the plunge and start their own press. If this is you, I can help you navigate the complicated world of book publishing, and to prevent a lot of the missteps I made when starting my own publishing company. Let’s talk contracts, business models, distribution, sales channels, printing, inventory, warehousing, and more.

Brooke has a keen ability to clarify complex challenges and deliver immediate breakthrough results. She's the secret weapon every publisher needs on their advisory team. Hiring her was one of the best and wisest investments I ever made for my company.

Real Results

Bold Story Press

Emily Barrosse reached out to me to support her to bring her publishing company, Bold Story Press, to the next level. We worked to tighten up processes, better understand Ingram’s distribution options, and to streamline her submissions process. Through our work together, Emily got clarity about Bold Story’s position as a leading hybrid press, and today Bold Story Press has published ten books and is going strong.

"Working with Brooke in the early days of Bold Story Press supported me to get a firm handle on our business model and to ensure that I was holding the biggest vision possible for the press. Brooke is generous in her sharing of information and resources, and supported me, as a fellow publisher, to navigate the oftentimes complicated and overwhelming aspects of the industry."