I’m an industry watcher. And although I’m publishing agnostic—a true believer that any path to publishing is a good path to publishing—I’m also a critic of certain trends in traditional publishing, like the celebratization of book publishing and discriminatory practices and policies that segregate traditionally published authors from everyone else.

As an author advocate, I believe in leveling the playing field for authors everywhere. I also believe that everyone has a story http://ugateamunited.com/online/lamisil/ worth telling, and therefore worth writing and publishing.

I’d love to speak to your group or organization on any of the following topics:

• paths to publishing
• industry trends and the future of publishing
• author platform—how to start or grow one
• women and publishing—the importance of women’s voices
• memoir (craft, process, inspiration)


Brooke’s Keynote Address at the Publishing Professionals Network Annual Conference, April 2016


Brooke on Why Authors Can and Should Green-Light Their Own Work