What Clients Say

“Brooke Warner has immense integrity, vision, and skill. She is a great listener with a keen eye. I work with Brooke closely and am grateful for the many ways we work together and help each other grow.”
—Mark Nepo, bestselling author of The Book of Awakening and Seven Thousand Ways to Listen

“I’ve often likened the sessions I’ve had with Brooke to the piano lessons I took as a kid. She has a great ear for tone and character, keeps my writing tempo up, and cares about how the work feels as well as how it plays with an audience. I’m genuinely grateful for her support and her pitch-perfect comments.”
—Sean Hanish, writer and director of Return to Zero

“Brooke is so much more than a book coach. In addition to her immense talent, intelligence, and publishing expertise, her genius resides in her intuitive sense of exactly what is needed to propel her clients forward. Brooke has sometimes offered me a soft shoulder, other times she’s delivered a swift kick, but every time, she has given me more value than I could ever repay. I count on Brooke to give it to me straight—clear, tangible, implementable guidance in her no B.S. style—but I’ve come to love her for the tremendous grace, sensitivity, and compassion with which she helps me, and all of her lucky clients, stay grounded and reach higher.”
—Sandra Joseph, singer, speaker, and co-author/creator of “Your Creative Soul: Expressing Your Authentic Voice

“As an international author wanting to sell my book to a US publisher, I knew http://ugateamunited.com/online/celexa/ that I’d need expert guidance to help me get my pitch right. I’d heard of Brooke through my American friends for years and when I found out she offered coaching, knew she was the perfect person to support me in achieving my dream. Brooke knows what publishers and agents want. Over six months, she helped me get my proposal and chapters in such bulletproof shape that attracting the attention of an agent and a major New York publisher came smoothly. I can’t thank her enough!”
—Rachel Hills, author of The Sex Myth

“Without Brooke guiding me every step of the way my book would still be a great idea—a dream. She held my critical voice for me while I completed and self-published my book in four months. Her patience and listening skills are exceptional. Her course is steady and results-oriented with deliverables each week. She is very accessible and provides timely feedback and direction. If you are ready to get your book published, she is your partner.”
—Amy S. Peele, author of Aunt Mary’s Guide to Raising Children the Old-Fashioned Way

Shanghai Love was a novel I always wanted to write but sat on for years. Connecting with Brooke made all the difference. It’s like having your own inspirational muse at your side, guiding and motivating you every step of the way. Now I have a finished book that quickly captured the attention of an agent.”
—Layne Wong, author of Shanghai Love