Writing and publishing a book is one of the most important creative endeavors you’ll ever tackle. Your writing is an extension of yourself and your book is a tangible product of your passion. And then there’s the publishing industry—which is fickle and confusing and vast. I’ve been an industry insider for the past 22 years. I spent 13 years in traditional publishing before starting my own hybrid publishing company, She Writes Press. The reason I coach writers and support authors to self-publish is because I love it all. One of the best parts of publishing is that there is no one right path for any given author. The publishing landscape is vibrant and alive, and my role is to guide you on the best path for you, keeping an eye on the fact that your book will be the same absolute best book it can be regardless of whether you end up publishing on Random House, self-publishing, or publishing with a hybrid press.

In my one-on-one coaching, my job is to support you to see the things you might not see on your own—where your story might need more depth, where your message might need to be more strongly articulated. I work with memoirists, novelists, and self-help authors. I love and welcome working with authors at the point of idea conception. That said, my expertise is in diagnosing problem points in manuscripts, so if you’re finished with a draft (be it draft one or draft ten) and you’re struggling to figure out what’s not working, I’d love to work with you, too.

Common pain points writers face when they contact me include:
• Known structural problems in the book.
• Agents and editors like what they’ve read, but you’re still getting rejections.
• You know something’s missing, but you’re not sure what.
• You don’t know what you don’t know—so you want an expert eye on the structure, plot, craft points of the story, and more.

I Offer:

  • Manuscript evaluations
  • One-on-one coaching to finish or revise a book
  • Individualized coaching for writers looking for direction and support with career goals, publishing paths, and author platform development
  • Book proposal coaching and ghostwriting
  • Coaching for author-publishers who want to publish their own work and start their own imprints
  • Self-publishing services, soup-to-nuts: design, editorial, and project management


  • I offer a complimentary call or session session for the sake of making sure we’re on the same page and for the purpose of a “vibe check” to make sure we want to work together. Email me or call me to set up a session.
  • All sessions are by phone or Zoom unless you live in the East Bay and are interested in meeting in person.
  • I require prepayment for all coaching packages and half-payment up front for assessments, book proposal services, self-publishing services, or editorial work (and the other half upon delivery).
  • I require 24 hours’ notice for session cancellations.
  • I have a strict confidentiality policy. I will never share your ideas or your writing with anyone.